Monday, February 6, 2012


Monday, February 6

Just a quick update (no pics today).  We have been anticipating being able to leave for The Bahamas almost every day for the last several days but the weather pattern has been very unusual (according to the experts) and forecasts keep changing.  It now appears as if we will be able to leave tomorrow.  (The trip will be an overnight sail taking approximately 24 hours total, with arrival planned for mid-day at Bimini on Wednesday.)  We will be traveling in the company of three other boats (new friends Jim & Renate on s/v Emerald Seas, Rod & Eveline on s/v Manatee, and one other couple [whom we have not yet met] on s/v Orion).  Emerald Seas and Manatee have both made the crossing to The Bahamas before so we're delighted to be in their company.

Our friend Jon Siewers on s/v JonNe drove up from Key West on Saturday for a visit with us.  His wife Renne couldn't join him; she's been out of town with her hospitalized daughter recently but the prognosis for her daughter's recovery appears to be good, so we're glad about that.  Jon & Renne had initially planned on making the crossing with us but boat maintenance problems have necessitated their staying in Florida for awhile.  Hopefully, they'll be able to leave soon.  We'll look forward to hooking up with them later in the islands.

Cross your fingers for us for the crossing, folks.  We are SO looking forward to getting to The Bahamas and seeing that exquisite water.  We'll include lots of photos in the blog once we're there.

Thanks again for following us.  We'll keep you posted with any new developments.

Fair Winds from the Crew of Wind Dancer
Sue, Al,  Sophie & Chelsea

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