Saturday, December 17, 2011


December 17, 2011

Where to begin...

Since we last posted our progress, much has happened.  We spent a really nice, relatively uneventful week in Pensacola with Jack & Tatiana and friends, during which time we were referred to a guy who does great work on inflatables.  He fixed the leak on our wonderful (but old and leaky) dinghy that Al had been battling for over two years and, for the first time, we had a great, seaworthy, airtight dinghy.  Wahoo!  How nice!  And just in time for our trip down the Florida coast.  We left Pensacola on Friday, December 9, "buddy boating" with Jack & Tatiana on Pashka for what was to be a two-day, two-night trip across the tip of the Gulf of Mexico from Pensacola to Clearwater.  We checked with three weather services, all of which gave us a favorable weather window of a northwest wind (perfect, since we would be sailing southeast to Clearwater and would have the wind behind us, helping our progress) along with calm seas alternating between 1-2 feet and 3-4 feet and winds of 10-15 mph.  Again, perfect, right?  DON'T EVER, EVER BELIEVE THE WEATHER FORECAST!  Holy cow!  We left Pensacola with a north wind, expecting it to turn northwest.  Instead, it turned northeast (where it stayed), the wind speed increased to 20-25 mph and the waves increased to 6-8 ft.  After a long night at sea, things got worse.  The wind increased to 30 mph and the waves increased to 10-12 ft with the wind edging even more easterly, coming at us from the ENE.  The end result was that we were driven further and further south, away from the Florida coastline and into the Gulf.  On Day Two we lost our dinghy (which we had been towing, thinking that we would have a fairly calm sail).  We retrieved it (what a tough time that was) and reattached it, only to lose it again the following day.  Once again we retrieved it but had a much tougher time tying it to Wind Dancer since some of the holding points on the dinghy that we could attach lines to had ripped off.  Later that day, we lost her for the third (and last) time.  Unable to secure her to Wind Dancer, we had to continue sailing without her.  However, we're sure she'll make some Cubans happy when she washes up on the western tip of Cuba (which is where we were headed when we lost her).  In any case, losing her was a significant loss for us.

Continuing on.  The end result is that we had to sail virtually due south for two straight days and nights until the wind and waves eased up enough for us to set an easterly course.  By then we were due west of Fort Myers, where Al's brother lives, so off went Pashka and Wind Dancer toward Fort Myers.  We arrived there on Tuesday, Dec. 13, after another two days and nights, bringing our total time at sea to four days & nights.  God, did it feel good to arrive in port!  Everything on board was soggy and we were absolutely exhausted.  But we made it!  And what troopers Sophie & Chelsea turned out to be.  They stayed with us in the cockpit for virtually all of the trip, soaking wet and shivering, but determined to tough it out with us. What a joy these little creatures are.

As to why you haven't heard from us before now, while at sea we lost our standard lines of communication, including cell phones and email.  In fact, we were just able to get our email back online yesterday.  So thanks for bearing with us.  We're so sorry that so many of you were worried about us.  We're fine (just pooped but almost recovered) and are presently at a great marina by the name of Salty Sam's in Fort Myers where we think we'll hang out for at least a couple of weeks, including Christmas, before heading for the Dry Tortugas and Key West.  We found a used Achilles (top of the line) dinghy for a really good price (Merry Christmas, Sue & Al!) and, although she's small, we're delighted with her.  She's light enough that we can fold her up and bring her on board, lashing her down on deck when sailing in seas that we feel are too heavy for towing to be appropriate.  (We are not about to lose another dinghy to wind and waves!)  By being able to carry her topside, we can avoid the expense of having to add dinghy davits to Wind Dancer.  We think we're pretty well set for going forward at this point but are enjoying being able to spend some downtime with Jim & Phyllis here in Fort Myers Beach, as well as with Jack & Tatiana, and being able to take the time to clean up the boat (and us!  holy cow, the laundry!).

We truly do wish all of you were here with us.  If we don't talk with you before then, have a wonderful Christmas.  We'll try not to let so much time go by before our next post.  Thanks for hanging in with us!

Sue, Al, Sophie & Chelsea
The Crew of Wind Dancer

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  1. Sue and Al,
    We just read about your transit from Pensacola to Ft. Meyers. Sounds like interesting times. We're having a big family time here in Rockport, gearing up for a boisterous Christmas. We send you both our best wishes for a fine Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Bert and Dixie Shoopman